How to search and filter the WordPress Plugins Directory

The WordPress Plugins Directory is the place to go for thousands of free plugins for WordPress. But it’s large size also makes it hard to select the best plugins. This is made worse by it not having filter or sort options. Here’s some tips to help you work through the […]

Five websites to help you choose perfect colours

Choosing the right colours for your website is important – the right colour scheme can instantly communicate what the website is about – and getting it wrong can leave a negative experience for the users. But with so many choices and complexity – actually choosing the colours can be painstaking […]

How often should a WordPress website be backed up

Backups are without a doubt an important way to safeguard a website from damage. Websites are increasingly becoming a critical part of running a business – they often serve as the first point of contact with a customer – proving details of goods and services as well as contact details. […]

8 reasons to not trust web host backups

Having up-to-date reliable backups of your WordPress site is one of the best steps to protecting it from disaster. Web hosts often provide a backup service. They’re typically automatic and managed by your host – which makes them an attractive option – but can you trust it? Let’s explore some […]

How to style links for maximum visibility and accessibility

Linked text on websites needs to stand out for users to know they can click them. But doing this right is surprisingly hard, because you need to finely balance the colour contrast between the background, non-linked text and linked text. For maximum visibility I like to rely on the WCAG […]

5 Rules for making a good 404 “page not found” message

When a website visitor tries to view a page that does not exist they see a 404 “page not found” page. This typically happens because the page has been removed, the visitor has clicked a broken link, the visitor typed a URL wrong. This can be a frustrating or confusing […]

What order should WordPress updates be installed?

WordPress administrators will be familiar with this screen – updates available for WordPress core, themes and plugins – but what order should they be installed in? When faced with multiple updates I follow this order: themes plugins WordPress core Why this order? This order is based on the risk of […]

Beware WordPress developers that rely on third-party plugins

When engaging a WordPress developer there’s one very simple but important question you must ask – do they develop or implement. With hundreds of thousands of free plugins and many more premium plugins there’s an alarming trend of people claiming to be ‘WordPress developers’ but when it comes to the development […]

The curiously grey market of GPL licensing

What is the GPL? When WordPress plugins and themes are released they’re typically licensed under the GPL (General Public License) – this spells out the rights and limitations to using the software. Whilst licensing under the GPL isn’t a requirement, it is the preferred license as it used for software […]