How to search and filter the WordPress Plugins Directory

The WordPress Plugins Directory is the place to go for thousands of free plugins for WordPress. But it’s large size also makes it hard to select the best plugins. This is made worse by it not having filter or sort options. Here’s some tips to help you work through the […]

What order should WordPress updates be installed?

WordPress administrators will be familiar with this screen – updates available for WordPress core, themes and plugins – but what order should they be installed in? When faced with multiple updates I follow this order: themes plugins WordPress core Why this order? This order is based on the risk of […]

Free vs premium WordPress plugins

There are a huge number of WordPress plugins available to extend WordPress – this has contributed to the success of WordPress bringing it to power 27% of the internet’s websites. Almost 50,000 free plugins are available from the WordPress plugin directory – as well as paid or “premium” plugins from third-parties. But what’s […]

doing_it_wrong – 8 common WordPress mistakes

Since its initial release in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular CMS – powering an estimated 30% of all websites online. This massive achievement has a lot to do with it’s flexibility, ease of use and amazing community of contributors. But with the such possibilities also comes mistakes. In this […]